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This water is VEGAN???? *spits it out* bring me some meat water you punk clown

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Are we bad people for laughing at the mishaps of kids?

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Buster Keaton (October 4, 1895 – February 1, 1966), “The Great Stone Face”

A man famous for directing and acting in silent films, his deadpan expression, physical comedy, and, featured above, his stunt performance.  This man did all his own stunts, and they are amazing.

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For many Muslim Americans, 9/11 was a double punch of tragedy and bigotry

The actions of 19 Islamic extremists on 9/11 left an indelible mark on America. Today, millions pause to commemorate the attacks’ 13th anniversary, to honor the victims and to remember that all life is special and sacred. But there’s an untold story amid the many speeches and moments of silence — one filled with a different kind of pain, grief and strong sense of loss. 

Those stories are now being told on social media

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Happy Birthday Smokey! This (candle-less) cake is for you!


Happy Birthday Smokey! This (candle-less) cake is for you!

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never stop dreaming


never stop dreaming

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despite the contradictory advice circulated in the late ’90s, if you wanna be my lover, please do not get with my friends

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